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RELiZORBĀ® (iMMOBILIZED LIPASE) CARTRIDGE is indicated for use in pediatric patients (ages 2 years and above) and adult patients to hydrolyze fats in enteral formula. RELiZORB is for use with enteral feeding only; do not connect to intravenous or other medical tubing. Medications should not be administered through RELiZORB.

To learn more about RELiZORB, including full safety information, visit

Provider may be ineligible for registration if they have attended a previous program of the same topic or do not provide healthcare services to patients with relevant conditions.

Alcresta complies with applicable federal and state laws that relate to interactions with healthcare professionals, including financial disclosure requirements. Transfers of value may be reported and/or prohibited depending on your license, the state where you practice, and your hospital affiliation, if any. By registering for the event, you acknowledge that you are not prohibited from attending the event and understand that you will have the option to opt out of a meal at the program. By accepting a meal at this program, you understand the costs associated with this meal may be reported to state and/or federal agencies.